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Rotor Key Blank 1970 - 1982 B
    Close Rotor Key Blank 1970 - 1982 B

    Rotor Key Blank 1970 - 1982 B

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    Price: $25.00

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    Qty: 1 Rotor Key Blank
    Material: Metal Alloy "Head" , Ilco Brand Key Blank
    Application: 1970 - 1982 Mazda RX Vehicles

    IMPORTANT! Please check against your OEM key to be sure you are ordering the correct one. Please check the �groove� or �relief� areas of your original to make sure it matches the one pictured. The relief area is on the BOTTOM for this Rotary Key.

    There are 2 different keys referenced for these models. This particular RotorKey Blank fits:

        ALL Mazda RX Vehicles from: 1970 - 1982
        Models: R100, RX-2, RX-3, RX4, REPU, RX-7