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Spinning Rotor Keychain - Canary Gold
    Close Spinning Rotor Keychain - Canary Gold

    Spinning Rotor Keychain - Canary Gold

    Product Code: 1007

    Price: $22.95

    Finish: Canary Gold
    Design: Double Sided
    Size: 37mm x 37mm x 6mm
    Key ring Size: 25mm
    Total Length: 95mm

    Our Signature Spinning Rotor Key Chain features a Rotor that can be rotated in the same pattern used by the real Wankel Rotary Engine, with each apex of the rotor sweeping along the Peritrochoid shaped Rotor Housing. As well as being a key chain, it is also an ideal educational tool to demonstrate how a Wankel rotary engine works to those who are unfamiliar with Rotary POWER! Whether you have a 12A, 13B, or even a 20B, this key chain is a perfect miniature of your Rotary Engine!