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RX-8 Fender Strakes - Polished Aluminum
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    RX-8 Fender Strakes - Polished Aluminum

    Product Code: 1058

    Price: $74.95

    Qty: 1 Set
    Application: RX-8
    Material: Aluminum
    Finish: Polished Aluminum

    They're made to fit just like the factory version, but without the OEM prices. We have improved the material used also by using an aluminum alloy, not a zinc alloy as used in the factory pieces. This material makes our pieces lighter. Each strake is made to fit exactly in it's location with the locator pin which prevents the strake from rotating. The complete RX-8 Fender Strake Set consists of : RU, RL, LU, LL (4 Strakes), Bolts (4), Brackets (4), a 3mm Hex key, and full installation instructions to ensure a proper fit. Installation instructions can also be downloaded HERE.

    *The finish on these Strakes is Natural Polished Aluminum, which requires periodic Aluminum Polish to retain it's luster and shine.